Handguards Extension
Handguards Extension
Handguards Extension
Handguards Extension
Handguards Extension

Handguards Extension for motorcycle Triumph TIGER 900 2021

Add extra protection to your Crosstourer motorcycle’s handguards with the PUIG extension handguards. Manufactured in PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) hard material and highly resistant to possible scratches, it’s the best option to redirect the breeze and protect both the motorcycle and the rider.

For a perfect harmony with the looks of your motorcycle, PUIG offers the handguard extensions in different colors: clear smoked, dark smoked and transparent, like the protective screens.

This part is only available for certain motorcycle models and can be consulted in our catalog and website.
PUIG provides an instruction booklet and a mounting kit to facilitate the installation of the part to the motorcycle.

Product’s information

Increase the protection of your hands and forearms and reinforce comfort in winter or in adverse weather conditions with the handguard extension for your Triumph Tiger 2020 from Puig.

Designed with the most advanced technologies, the Puig handguard extension covers and lengthens the OEM handguards on the outside. To improve the most effective deflection of air, the design includes a flange along the contour that offers absolute efficiency. It is made of 3mm high impact acrylic material and you can find it in up to 4 different finishes: clear, smoked, dark smoked and black. Fact that allows the new piece to adapt perfectly to your motorcycle, without damaging its aesthetic line and giving it a new simple but elegant image.

The Puig handguard extensions have total measurements of 180mm high and 250mm wide, measures that perfectly cover the handguard from the outside, being perfectly integrated into the structure of your Triumph. In addition, its rounded contour, with a radius of 2mm, guarantees maximum safety for the rider. Complying with the most demanding safety regulations.

The assembly of the extensions is an easy and fast task, since it will not take you more than 30 minutes to adapt to the motorcycle, and it does not require specific knowledge of mechanics. Its assembly does not affect any essential part of the motorcycle.

It should be noted that the handguard extensions are compatible with the Puig Touring screen and with the front deflectors of the Triumph Tiger.

Along with its protective facet, the Puig handguard extensions are specially designed to improve the comfort of the rider during the route, in addition to avoiding any type of splashes or possible impacts on rainy days, winter season or with adverse weather conditions.

Along with the piece, Puig accompanies the product with an easy and intuitive assembly instructions.

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