Hi-Tech Radikal Grips

Hi-Tech Radikal Grips

Do you want to give your motorcycle the racing touch you always dreamed of? Now you can do it thanks to the Radikal Puig grips. Aggressive and breakthrough design, inspired by racing competition, will be the extension of your hand and your ideal point of connection with your machine.
Grabbing the grips is very pleasant and has a non-slip texture to ensure that your riding is a safe experience and full of comfort. Next to the rubber, the grips have an anodized aluminium insert available in various colors to customize your bike to your liking and make it exclusive.

Puig Radikal grips are suitable for handlebars of 22 mm in diameter and you can find them in two different lengths, 119mm and 123mm. In addition, thanks to Hi-Tech technology, Puig has achieved a very light weight of only 64gr.

The Radikal grips are easy to install, but it should be taken into account that, sometimes due to the large number of existing original grips, it may be necessary to recess the edge of the gas rod and use sealant glue (type Fischer MS Express) for the correct installation on the area.

Models of Grips

  • Hi-Tech Ascent Grips
  • Vintage grips
  • Hi-Tech Radikal Grips
  • Hi-Tech Racing Grips
  • Hi-Tech Basic Grips
  • Core Grips
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Technical features

    Suitable for handlebars of diameter 22mm.

    Non-skid texture. Nice touch.

    Length 119 mm.

    Reduced to 64 grams.

    Insertion of anodized aluminum available in several colors.

  • Length 123 mm.


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