Hi-Tech Racing Grips

Hi-Tech Racing Grips

The Racing grips from Puig were the first design of this line of grips made by the house and the main feature is its simplicity in design and its insert of anodized aluminium available in various colors.

It is a piece with rubber finish, very pleasant to the touch and non-slip texture, which will make us enjoy the riding of our motorcycle to the fullest. In addition, we can customize them as we wish thanks to the anodized aluminium insert.
Racing Puig grips are suitable for 22mm handlebars and are available in two sizes: 119mm and 123mm. Thanks to the material used, racing grips only weigh 64 gr.

In this case and given the wide variety of original grips, it might be necessary to reduce the edges of the gas rod and the subsequent use of a sealant glue (type Fischer MS Express) for its correct application.

Models of Grips

  • Hi-Tech Ascent Grips
  • Vintage grips
  • Hi-Tech Radikal Grips
  • Hi-Tech Racing Grips
  • Hi-Tech Basic Grips
  • Core Grips
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Technical features

  • Length 123 mm.
    Insertion of anodized aluminum available in several colors.

    Reduced to 64 grams.

    Length 119 mm.

    Non-skid texture. Nice touch.

    Suitable for handlebars of diameter 22mm.


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