R12 Frame Sliders
R12 Frame Sliders
R12 Frame Sliders
R12 Frame Sliders

R12 Frame Sliders

Add protection and safety to your motorcycle with Puig’s R12 Frame sliders. These protectors guarantee integral protection of the chassis and engine of your motorcycle, as well as providing additional protection to your knees with the included rubber endings.
The carefully designed pucks made of Nylon will fit perfectly with the looks of your bike, as it does not extend from the handlebar and touch before the footrests.

The sliders are offered with gray rubber by default, but Puig has a wide variety of colors available to fit your motorcycle’s look. In addition to the rubber spare parts, Puig also offers spare parts for Nylon sliders portion.

It should be noted that each protector is manufactured for a specific motorcycle model.

Assembly is very easy and the part comes with an instruction booklet, so you can quickly enjoy the slider.

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Adapters for R12 Frame Sliders of Universal Universal Universal

Rubber Covers For R12 Sliders (OPTIONAL)

  • Black REF. 6378N Under development

  • Blue REF. 6378A Under development

  • Red REF. 6378R Under development

  • Green REF. 6378V Under development

  • Grey REF. 6378U Under development

  • White REF. 6378B Under development

Technical features

    Protects your knee from a possible impact when you get on the motorcycle. It is supplied in grey by default.
    Protect engine and chassis
    ​Toch after the footpegs
    Sliders do not stand out from handlebar


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