Upper Deflectors
Upper Deflectors
Upper Deflectors

Upper Deflectors for motorcycle Triumph TIGER 900 2021

At PUIG we constantly think about improving the safety and comfort of the rider. The deflectors are ideally suited to the lines of the bike thanks to its design and the quality of its finishes, allowing to divert the air flow to the outside of the legs and improving riding comfort.
You will not have any problem to attach them to the motorcycle, since the parts are easy to assemble and we provide assembly instructions with the product.

Product’s information

Increase your protection against the air on board of your Triumph Tiger with the new upper deflectors from Puig.

Designed with the latest technology, the new Puig upper deflectors for your Triumph Tiger will become the perfect complement to protect you against unwanted gusts of wind or adverse weather conditions in winter during the route. The deflectors will prevent the direct impact of the air on areas as sensitive as shoulders and the upper part of the torso.

It is a product that fully respects the aesthetic line of your motorcycle, through its simple and elegant lines.

The new Puig deflectors are designed entirely in Barcelona and specifically for your Triumph Tiger. Made of high-impact acrylic material (3mm thick), they are available in different colors to fully respect the aesthetics of your motorcycle: clear, smoked and dark smoked. Perfect finishes to combine with the windshield.

Puig's upper deflectors must be placed in the place that the originals are and have total measurements of 225mm high x 150mm wide, with a rounded contour of a 2mm radius to provide maximum safety to the rider and comply with safety regulations.

The assembly of the new upper deflectors from Puig is a simple, clean and fast task, since it will not take you more than 20 minutes and it is not necessary to have specific mechanical knowledge. It should be noted that to fix the part, the original screws that the motorcycle already brings with it must be used and that do not affect any essential part of the vehicle.

With the goal of protecting the rider without affecting the aerodynamic capacity of the vehicle, the new upper deflectors from Puig have undergone exhaustive aerodynamic tests to guarantee this fact and also improve the rider's comfort while driving, avoiding splashes or the impact of water in bad weather conditions.

Along with the product, Puig provides a simple and illustrative assembly instructions and the aerodynamic study of the part.

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