Windshield Flanker

Windshield Flanker

Improves the aerodynamics of your motorcycle, maintaining its sporty and modern character, with the Flanker windshield. This minimalist windscreen fits in with the sharp and forceful lines of the new motorcycles, a design language that will combine most naked models on the market today.

Product’s information

Developed under the quality standards of Puig Hi-Tech Parts, this windshield is made of injected polycarbonate. It has an anti-scratch finish, made with the best technologies to ensure its durability and resistance. These materials achieve a fundamental lightness for the parts of your motorcycle but also ensure its correct maintenance, despite inclement weather and the pass of the time.

They can be purchased in transparent, smoked, dark smoked and black and the edges are rounded. This smooth finish prevents from scratches or bumps with sharp corners.

  • Width: 270 mm
  • Height: 303 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm

The Flanker universal windshield adapts to most current naked thanks to the system of rods and flanges that fix it to the handlebar. Its ingenious, as well as simple, system, will allow fitting this piece without problems and to the taste of the driver. The placement can vary depending on the needs of the pilot, always maintaining aerodynamic capacity.

Its assembly can be done following the instructions, it is not necessary to go through a specialized workshop. The intuitive illustrations, included in the component package, are easy to understand without the need for mechanical knowledge.

The objective of the Flanker windshield is to reduce the impact of the wind at high speeds, an aerodynamic capacity that improves rider comfort and allows you to ride for more hours on the bike. Torso and shoulder protection is ensured thanks to the screen design, adjusted to divert the front air.

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