Viñales returns to the podium at home GP

Maverick Salom finishes second while suffering from a fall that will go under the knife

Heads and tails for pilots of Yellow Pages HP 40 in the seventh round of the season this morning disputed at the Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya, where Maverick Viñales has made a great career and has returned to the podium after winning the second. Viñales that started from the front row of the grid has made a very good start and was given command of the race on the second lap. With leading Viñales in the second step goal, his team-mate Salom gone long into turn one and opening the throttle is dropped. Fortunately Luis has not been hit by any of the drivers chasing him through a German Folger masterful maneuver to avoid impact with the Spaniard has lifted the bike and gone to the grave. There had to Salom race and also to Folger. On lap three Rabat Maverick leader was setting and decided to put together his wheel to impose a strong pace and drivers off the chasers. In mid-career, when Rabat and Viñales had a six-second lead over Swiss Luthi and Aegerter, Maverick has started having problems with the tires and he can not follow the trail of Rabat. With this situation, Viñales has focused on keeping the distance with the group from behind and secure the second position to a little more about the provisional second in the world, Finland's Mika Kallio. Falling Salom has resulted in an injury to his right pinky that needs to be operated on by Dr. Xavier Mir this afternoon at the Dexeus clinic. The pilot of the Yellow Pages HP 40 expected to be recovered for the next event which takes place in Assen in thirteen days.   MAVERICK 2nd VIÑALES "I was very comfortable at the start of the race. When Tito happened I decided to follow it and see what happens with other drivers who came back. We have been opening hole and I felt pretty comfortable in that position, but when it's gone spending gum cost me keep up. Skidded much and could not keep track. This result comes in handy, especially after the last GP where we were not quite right. We have taken a step in the set-up and now we have to continue working to close the gap to the front. " LUIS N.C SALOM "I've gone over in turn one and I could not prevent the fall when I have given gas. I've been lucky that all those behind could dodge. I have damaged the little finger and this afternoon I operate in Dexeus clinic. Dr. Mir has behaved beautifully and I want to thank you. Folger also for having been able to dodge even though it cost him the race. "