Victoria de Rins and Márquez podium to celebrate the renewal

Álex Rins and Alex Márquez wins finishes third after confirming yesterday that stay together in 2014. It is the fourth victory Rins after Austin, Germany and Indianapolis.

The best way to celebrate that both Alex stay together in the same team, sharing the tutelage of Emilio Alzamora in 2014 , has been with both on the podium , Rins , Marquez first and third. Important victory of Barcelona , which has enabled it to cut twelve points on overall leader , his compatriot Luis Salom . And large sample of Cervera pundonor that , after suffering a sharp drop on Friday in which he injured his right hand thumb , today made ​​a perfect career that has allowed to add the 16 points of the third. That and the 0 in the box Folger have boosted overall position , where it is fourth , behind triplet for the title of Moto3 . The race started with Folger front pulling hard , and Rins and controlling Viñales just behind the German. Quickly, these three drivers have escaped the rest , preparing to fight for the three posts of honor. Behind them , Marquez, who has gone nine, has been shedding rivals preceded him , to escape alone in search of triplet head. And while Marquez escaped , Folger suffered a sharp drop and left alone Rins and Viñales front. Marquez , without having waited and his battered thumb , mid-career was ended in the third and fought valuable position . Ahead , Rins and have played Viñales victory until the last corner. A first unsuccessful attempt to overtake Rins Viñales has been followed by a second attempt , this one successful , which has given him the victory in extremis. With this win , Rins remain third in the standings, but stands at 21 points behind Salom , and only 2 of Viñales . The following quote from this vibrant competition for the title will be within 2 weeks , in Aragon . Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 1st - 39:50.516 "It was a fun race and very clean. During the first round , Jonas [ Folger ] has pushed hard and I have started a second to see if he could catch . Starting from the middle of the race until the end we scored a very good pace with Maverick [ Viñales ] . on the fight for the victory in the last lap was very clear where he should overtake. knew that if I was going through another site I could advance him out of the corner, but all worked out. 'm very happy with this result today , now we have to think of Aragon " .   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 3 º to 6.434 sec . "It was a very difficult weekend for me. Halted Friday Fall quite our work and yesterday in the qualifying session , too. Knew today would be a tough race and it would cost , but from the first moment I met very comfortable. During the first laps I had problems passing other riders and when I went through, I tried to set my pace , and I surprised even myself seeing how I escaped . believe that the podium finish was positive ; now we have to go to Aragon and be calmer in training to prevent falls and continue our line of work . "