Victoria by the minimum de Rins and fourth for Marquez

Alex Rins win by just three thousandths is 5 points off the lead. Alex Marquez makes a great comeback and finishes fourth at 3/10 of the podium.

Álex Rins in Australia today took a major step forward in their own struggle for the title of Moto3 . The young pupil of Emilio Alzamora has overcome a career quite matched by a minimum difference -3 mil - , and has done so ahead of Viñales , second , and Salom , third, the two pilots that are diputando the title. This result allows us to reduce the advantage Rins Salom ahead of only 5 points overall .   New career in a group with the same players as always plus some special guest . At Salom , Rins , Marquez and Viñales , now have joined them Folger , Miller and Antonelli . The race has developed continuous overtaking alternating pilots leading the race, with Rins and Marquez lead at some point. Finally, in a final round of stroke, Rins has achieved victory in a head to head with Viñales and Salom , by just three thousandths .   Alex Marquez , who has made ​​a big comeback departing from the thirteenth position , has overcome rivals, despite the start of the test Oliveira has touched from behind and took him out of court. This incident has not stopped Marquez contact the group head jumper with 18 laps of the race, and fight until the last corner for a place on the podium , he was finally escaped by just three tenths .   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 1st - 37:40.375 "It was a fun race , very freestyled , with a group of seven riders in the lead. Important thing is that we are working very well with the team , because in this Grand Prix was costing us find the best set-up and to training we have not timed with the appropriate settings . through them I could be struggling to win. Prior to departure I had a meeting with Emilio [ Alzamora ] , Jose [ Carrion ] and Carlos [ Perez ] - my technical , to decide the best race strategy and planned to prepare well the last turn of the right, to go very fast to the last two corners , two lefts. We went well for three thousandths. 're five points behind Luis [ Solomon ] , but that does not change anything , because we will continue thinking race by race and both Japan and Valencia give the maximum . "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 4th to 0.502 sec . "We knew the race would be very difficult today because tearing his old time . I have made a good start and the end of the main straight I have drawn on the outside , with many potholes, and I have passed some riders. 've Also lost positions in the incident with Oliveira . at that time I did a reset, I've calmed down and started to pull . in those first laps I spent enough tires to reach the lead group and at the end of the race I had a little this reason. But we should be happy , because I think we are back to ride as in Misano , where I found the bike very well , so I try to follow this line to see if we can take another step forward and be with the most fast in the closing laps of the race. Here at Phillip Island the problem has been the qualifying session , so we will try to improve this in Japan. "