Tito Rabat gets his first win in the World Cup and Espagaró Pol complete the double on the podium for the HP Tuenti 40

Tito Rabat dominated the race from start to finish, beating the runner by more than four seconds and reaching championship leader. Espargaró accompanied him on the third step of the podium and Axel Pons has left in the second round

On Mother's Day Tito Rabat has made the best possible gift to yours, who from heaven will be on his side to win their first World Cup race in Jerez, the same weekend that claimed the first pole position and stood Moto2 leader. Tito, the best in training, has come first, began to pull, no one has been able to follow and ended up crossing the finish line with more than four seconds ahead of the Briton Scott Redding. A final victory and dominated with an iron hand from start to finish. The success of HP Tuenti team has completed 40 Espargaró, who despite having many tuning problems, especially tire grip throughout the weekend, the end has risen to third place on the podium. Polyccio has earned the podium two laps after settling a thrilling duel with Japanese Nakagami and is now third overall, 11 points behind his teammate. Less fortunate was Axel Pons, involved in a pileup on the second lap and was forced to leave. 1. TITO RABAT "Getting the first pole position and first victory in Jerez, in front of the fans, is great and very difficult to describe. I dedicate this victory, both have pursued, my mother on a special day like today. The team did a great job, the bike was perfect and I have not been nervous at any time. He was comfortable, focused and looking on the board as the advantage grew with every turn. I have not been nervous and in the end I could get the first victory in the World Cup and situate leader. The championship is very long, but I feel comfortable with the bike and the team and I would continue well into the next races. I want to thank everyone who helped me get here and I hope to continue giving joy like this. " Three. POL ESPARGARÓ "It was a tough race and in the end I risked the podium at home because you could not escape. Throughout the weekend I suffered from a lack of grip on the race bike and has not changed. The duel with Nakagami been fun and pass him hardly because of a bent. I hope to have fewer problems tuning in Le Mans and patience because the championship is very long and many things are going to happen. " AXEL PONS, FALL "I'm very disappointed because it's hard not to complete two laps in the race from home. I wear a troubled start to the season in training and out so late. And I need luck in the early stages, as a wild card today threw me. I hope I have completed my list of misfortunes and start going up. " CAREER 1. TITO RABAT (TUENTI HP 40), 45.04.450 Two. S. Redding (Kalex), to 4,261 Three. POL ESPARGARÓ (TUENTI HP 40), to 7,517 April. T. Nakagami (Kalex) at 7.721 May. N. Terol (Suter) at 11,535 WORLD PILOTS 1. TITO RABAT (TUENTI HP 40), 52 points Two. S. Redding (Kalex), 51 Three. POL ESPARGARÓ (TUENTI HP 40), 41 April. N. Terol (Suter), 38 May. D. Aegerter (Suter), 34 WORLD BUILDERS 1. KALEX, 70 POINTS Two. Suter, 49 Three. SpeedUp 22 4 Motobi, 5