Superb performance and Marquez in Qatar Rins

After leading both the test, Álex Rins finished on the podium after achieving a third deputy, and Alex Marquez gets a valuable fourth.

A great performance of the two wards of Emilio Alzamora. Alex Rins, starting from the third position, is placed in front of the pack to get to the first corner, while teammate Alex Marquez completed his first lap six. Rins, with Salom, Folger and Viñales have diverged from the pack in a few turns, and Marquez has only been able to catch and keep up. The race would be about five pilots, including Marquez Rins and prepared their strategy for the final laps. A final laps that were to die for, and unless Folger, the rest have led the race at some point in the last laps. The last two drafts have multiple overtaking and braking very borderline, with the two Repsol riders as protagonists. Salom has taken the fight for the win, with second and Rins Viñales third by just six thousandths, making his first podium of the season. Just over two tenths have separated Marquez, fourth after a superb performance, his first podium in the World Cup. After this exciting start in two weeks, the World will foot on American soil for the Great Prize of the Americas in Austin. Álex Rins 3 º to 0423 sec. "It was a very difficult race. At first I have been able to pull in order to get away, but that has not happened. Even I have seen that I have been stuck Salom and I pass to avoid running down both rear tire. The end of the race was very hard fought. In the line all been put in parallel and I was in the middle, and that has made were to open up. At that time I lost a little time and took the opportunity to go Salom. Moreover, no one expected that Alex [Marquez] was in front and the truth is that it has made a good career. Both the team and I left very happy with the work done. " Álex Márquez 4th to 0.701 sec. "Yesterday in the qualifying session was not quite right, finished ninth but he knew he could improve enough in the race today. In fact, convinced that if left to a good start and I hit the front group, could fight them. We did not know if it would hold the pace, but that the final laps would be difficult for the great suffering tire wear here. In career, has been a shame the last lap because we have a fair bit after going to the limit throughout the race. But we tried and for me this result is a victory. In short, we're very happy to be my first time in this circuit. Now we already in Austin, a new circuit for everyone, so we face with great gusto and confidence to continue on this line "