Rins heads to lead with his fifth win

His fourth victory in the last six races puts to 9 points behind leader Luis Salom. His teammate Alex Marquez was third and Maria Herrera finished twenty-ninth despite suffering a fall during the first lap.

After a competitive weekend , Alex Rins has made a smart career that has allowed him to gain a great victory , the fifth of the season, which places him second in the overall -win position - after cutting another 12 points to leader Luis Salom . With this result , the Repsol rider is located only 9 points of his compatriot . His teammate , Alex Marquez , scored 16 points in the third place that allow you to hold in the fourth position overall in Moto3 . Maria Herrera has not had an easy race , after falling in Turn 5 during the first turn , has resumed the march and has completed solo career goal to enter the twenty- ninth. Rins has come willing to break the race from the start and escape Salom, that started further back . In two laps, the Repsol rider had distanced the rest of the pack and took his wake to Viñales and teammate Marquez , the only ones able to go to the owner of the pole . Rins has taken turns leading the race with Viñales , studying constantly to prepare the final turns. When there were seven remaining, Marquez has been dropped by the group by excessive tire wear and has given good third position , a very good result for the young pupil Alzamora . Rins has solved the last lap with a surprising serenity. Vinales overtook end of the straight , under braking , and focused to score a rapid pace for the last lap plugging holes. Viñales had no options to overcome , and a failure in the gearbox of his KTM has made ​​entry into target with almost half a second ahead of Rins . After this new victory of Barcelona , Rins Viñales outperforms overall and stands second , 9 points behind compatriot Salom . Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 1st - 40:04.214 "I am very happy with the result , because mostly it's been an unexpected victory . Knew that today Maverick [ Viñales ] was much stronger than us, and instead found I did not entirely comfortable with the wind . Knew if it was the last lap before he had any chance to win the race and finally it has. 've tried pushing hard to get ahead of him in the first corner and then my team told me that he has fallen a little behind because he has jumped into gear. that's something we have to solve , because in the last race and it also has happened to me. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 3 º to 12.377 sec . "After the problems we had this weekend , a third position is very positive. Since the beginning of the race I rode to the limit and just not be at all comfortable , and that has made that could not keep pace Alex [ Rins ] and Maverick [ Viñales ] . at the end of the race, when Maverick has given final tug , went too the limit and I preferred to secure the third position , which I think is a good result . now have to improve late race in Malaysia , Australia and Japan , to try to roll with them until the end and gain experience for next year . "   Maria Herrera >> Audio 29th to 1:54.722 "In the warm-up I've been much more concentrated than yesterday and this helped me to improve the timing and tuning of the bike. Regarding the race , I have gone well and I've even advanced a few drivers in the first corner. Unfortunately , I crashed just as I was overtaking on the outside , when accelerating I went to the piano and I had to open up more to not touch me with another driver . 've stepped on the grass with the bike is almost flat and , although I have dropped the bike , I could not help falling . Eventually I was able to recover and get back on track , and then I followed concentrated as if they were training. "