Rins and Oliveira, sixth and tenth in the Dutch Grand Prix

The riders get re-rated CatalunyaCaixa after completing another strong performance

Good day for pilots CatalunyaCaixa Alex Rins and Miguel Oliveira, who finished in the sixth and tenth respectively in the Dutch Grand Prix. As in the Grand Tasting Award, the first of the season, both drivers scored points after completing a good performance in an electrical career, with over 20 riders riding together up to half of the race.
Starting from the 8 th and 16 th position, Oliveira and Rins have started the race as part of the large squad that led the race. In the fifth rotation, the Portuguese was Rins 7 and 10 °, closing the first group that rolled less than a second apart.
Progressively increasing the pace-slow at the start of race-a group of six riders, which closed Rins, has begun to take up with its rivals. In turn, Oliveira rolled behind this group in the 7 th position.
With ten laps to go, Rins been let down by the first group and with Zulfahmi Khairuddin have maintained a great duel for sixth place. With precise steering and no mistakes, Rins has led this second group followed the pilots who led the test. Alex has crossed the finish line in sixth place, capping a comeback from 10 positions in its debut at Assen, despite reaching partially recovered from fractures sustained in Silverstone. Oliveira, in turn, has also come to this second group, the 10 th position.
Thus, the Portuguese get points for the third consecutive race and rises to the 10 th position in the overall standings with 39 points. Rins consolidated in sixth place with 54. Without taking a breath, pilots CatalunyaCaixa played next week the German Grand Prix.
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 10th place, 8243's winner, 10th in the standings with 39 points:
"The race was quite complicated. We went from eighth place in the early laps was really complicated. The pilots will spend on all sides so the goal was to stay in office. After a few laps, the two groups were formed to race but had difficulty in being able to follow the other drivers, especially on the straights. The rating of the weekend is pretty good because we got another tenth place as we continue adding experience despite not having one of the most competitive bikes now. Anyway I have a great team and we will continue working hard to be there before. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 6th-placed 5033 first placed 6th in the overall standings with 54 points:
"I'm very happy. During the weekend we did a good job and the lap times we had proved we could stay with the front group. We went from 18th position and was that what we have complicated things a bit. Anyway, I made a good start and then I have placed in the front group. Then we were shooting at a fast pace but there was a time when I've been thrown off the track and from there I lost all options to be there before. I lost contact with the front group but I fought all I could. I must thank the team and all my sponsors. Rate had to be there before so I'll stick with this. The right hand has held up well but the left hurts a lot and the fact that we have the two consecutive races will not help us much. The next week ".
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"It was a very difficult race. Both Alex and Michael have done a great performance. They have shown again the great potential to start from home and as late positions on a circuit as short as this is not an easy task. In addition, they both lacked power on the straights in order to contact the drivers front. So I congratulate you, them and the team, since throughout the weekend have done a great job. The important thing was to add experience and continue the line of work we are doing and in this sense I think we can be very satisfied. "