Rins and Márquez returned to the top of the podium

Doublet of the Repsol riders, with Rins first and second Marquez, played after victory until the last corner, which brings them to lead in the category.

Valuable result of Repsol Moto3 riders in the Grand Prix of Great Britain, which Álex Rins and Álex Márquez have finished first and second, respectively, after the great weekend starring the two wards of Emilio Alzamora. Thanks to this great result, Álex Márquez remains second and lowers the overall difference in Miller just 13 points, and Rins up to third place, 29 behind the leader.   Starting from the front row, the Alex have been held between the first and fourth position in the first round, initially traced to race two weeks ago in the Czech Republic, with fifteen riders in the first group. However, the constant advancements in the group have led to the division of the same on lap twelve, leaving four riders in the fight for the podium. Álex Márquez, Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira Enea Bastianini have reached the final round with everything to play for.   This time the two Repsol riders have been attentive and have not allowed surprises. In a final twist impeccable, Rins entered first goal with a lead of just 11 thousandths over his teammate, Alex Marquez, who in turn has exceeded 72 milliseconds to Bastianini finally third.   Following this Grand Prix Moto3 riders face each other again in Misano in two weeks, to address the crucial final part of the season with an increasingly equated World.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT 1 - 38: 11.330 "I am very happy to get this win. Today is facing us all very well-the last three curves I think they have been perfect-, although it has been very difficult to follow a tucked in a group of four riders strategy we have fought very hard win., I think that both my teammate, Alex Marquez, like me, had planned to push hard from the start to win the race in a small group, but we have difficult both Bastianini as Antonelli, who were at the beginning of career in the middle. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the race and I happened very fast.'ve achieved this victory no doubt thanks to teamwork and support from Honda. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT 2nd to 0.011 sec. "I'm happy with this result because I think we've done a very good race, fighting for the win from the beginning. I tried reducing the lead group setting a strong pace, but cost much distance by slipstreaming. Yet average career he has been cut and we have been four drivers, and that has given us more of tranquility for the Switch. I tried until the last corner and maybe I lacked a bit of aggression in the change of direction, but I think we have done a very good race. thing is we have to go on, cutting points on the leader slowly than we are to 13 points now. "