Rins and Márquez returned to the podium with a good race

Alex Rins, second, and Alex Marquez, third, have fought for victory in the Grand Prix of Great Britain to the last lap

After the disappointment of both in the last Grand Prix of the Czech Republic , nothing like a race a week later to be removed quickly the bad taste . Again a group of four riders has proven to be ahead of the rest in Moto3 . Rins , Marquez , Salom and Viñales have returned to dispute the three posts of honor , this time in England's Silverstone track . Finally the victory in extremis has been for Salom , followed by Rins , Marquez and Viñales , this time it has been off the podium . The top four goal have entered separated by just eight tenths . After the lights go off again four pilots have taken command and quickly distanced themselves from the rest of the pack. Viñales has made a feint to escape but his teammates did not have allowed, so it's been a career in a group of four to begin to know each other very well . All of them have been interspersed in front of the group, but none has managed to escape despite the continued attempts. Finally, we have returned to play the victory and the other positions of honor in a final twist clean overtaking loaded but adjusted . Salom has maintained its top position despite Rins attacks , and so has about Viñales Marquez . A final round of stroke in which the first four have entered separated by just eight tenths . Rins has returned to the podium and was able to play his cards in a new ending ajustadísimo and Marquez , which fell sharply yesterday , has been able to fight for victory in a circuit that until this weekend was totally unaware . A good weekend for the two wards of Emilio Alzamora . Now it rest a week and think and at the Grand Prix of San Marino , within two weekends in Misano .   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 2 º to 0.049 sec . "It was a very difficult race , as all . From the outset, four drivers have struggled to win. This second place , coming from Brno- there we climbed the podium - known very well for my team and myself . Has been a career really fought and finally , in the last two laps , passed by Salom and Marquez goal in front and I third, until the last second and I 've been trying to tighten their best to go with Salom . appeared in the final straight that his bike was a little more than mine , I took his slipstream and I lost a little, but I'm very happy. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 3 º to 0.698 sec . "I'm happy with the result. Knew it would be a tough race . After yesterday's crash , the others were one step ahead . At the start of the race, with new tires cost me a lot. Know I must make better use of tires at the start of the race , that's something I have to improve for the future . at the end of the race I was very comfortable, had tires in good condition because I had carefully. my set also helped me a lot , and that is why I have to congratulate my team. now have to continue improving. a podium here is very important , it motivates me to me and my team . now come circuits we already know, but we must be equally focused, because we can cost more than a new one, so we will try to continue in this line and go slowly improving . "