Rins and Márquez, first double with Honda

Landslide victory of Álex Márquez-second consecutive second-and meritorious for Rins, still recovering from his injury. After this successful career, the two Repsol riders are only a few points off the lead.

The first doublet of Emilio Alzamora's charges came at the best possible time. Thanks to today Marquez win and second place of Rins, along with fallen leader Fenati Miller and the two Repsol riders have now taken an important step in their fight for the title of Moto3. Following this result, Marquez stood third Miller 7 points, which still leads, and remains Rhince fourth position but only the first ten points.   The race started with Miller commanding the group and pulling strong. Filming the limit from the outlet has its risks, and today the Australian has suffered in their own flesh, unable to avoid falling in the second turn. Behind him was Álex Márquez, and distanced the rest of the field, finding himself alone in front, has begun to pull open a gap of more than 3 seconds.   Behind, his partner Rins has also been able to escape the group and has come into contact with Marquez, the latter after committing a mistake under braking. Together they have been rolling until Rins made ​​a mistake and lost contact with his teammate. Marquez has direct and escaped alone to his second victory of the season, the second straight. Behind, Rins have been seen with Oliveira, who came very strong and he alone has exceeded 5 laps. The Barcelona has hooked wheel Portuguese biding his time, has come in the entrance to the chicane before the finish. Victoria Marquez, and suffered and deserved second position for Álex Rins who is still recovering from his injured left foot.   After this doublet, the two Repsol riders will now enjoy a short break until the next race in two weekends in Germany.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT 2nd to 2.960 sec. "This second somewhat offset all that we have suffered this weekend, I'm very happy in career, when he was behind Alex [Marquez] and has been off the track, I was unable to catch him, but I could not follow. because I've started to make mistakes partly because foot pain did not allow me to concentrate fully. later, when I happened Miguel Oliveira, I focused on studying the line and finally I could pass him. "     Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT   1 - 38:07.648 "I am very happy to get second straight win. It was a very strange race and I had a hard time from the beginning, because the track conditions have changed a lot since yesterday. During the first round did not roll at all comfortable and was very easy to fall off. Indeed, I had a scare in the first turn, because it was very windy and I lifted the bike.'ve made ​​a mistake and I was caught Alex [Rins.] from mid-career have improved and the end I felt very comfortable. knew I could keep up that we had and when I saw that I was running away, I tried to stay focused. I'm also happy for the team and Honda, because they are doing a great job. "