Oliveira and Rins, fifth and tenth in the Grand Prix Catar

CatalunyaCaixa pilots get their first points in the World Championship

CX pilots have staged a great performance in his first race in the MotoGP World Championship 2012. Miguel Oliveira and Alex Rins, who went from eighth and thirteenth place respectively, have closed their first Grand Prix of the season with a good taste, with the fifth and tenth. After making some good training before the race, which left their mounts sneak among the eight fastest category, CatalunyaCaixa pilots have shown great potential host.
Before a race easy, and with obvious difficulty, by the pilot Rins, if the first shot with his mount on the Losail circuit, none of the two pilots of the structure that leads Emilio Alzamora has ceased to shine under the floodlights of Losail. After a somewhat complicated output, in which most members of the category drivers came in a very compact at the first corner Catari circuit, and two groups were defined.
Oliveira, who has already won a position in the first round, has joined in this first group, along with Roman Fenati, Maverick Viñales, Sandro Cortese and Luis Salom. In turn, the rookie Rins after committing an error in the output, has slipped to 17th position. But after the first lap it was 15 degrees.
The Portuguese, with the knife between his teeth, held a spectacular duel with Cortese and Salom for third place throughout the race. Even in the final laps were added in the fight Zulfahmi Khairuddin and Arthur Sissis, forming a group of five drivers, each fighting to get on the podium. Rins, in turn, was turning lap after winning positions, beating the likes of riders Hector Faubel.
Oliveira, highly concentrated, without committing a single error, has come to occupy the third position only four laps to finish the Grand Prix. In the end, the Portuguese has finished in 5th position, after beating Sissy and Khairuddin on the final lap and finished 10 th Rins, adding as well, his first points in the World Cup after a great debut. Oliveira, 11 points, has completed the grand debut of Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 in World Motorcycling Championship.
Pilots CatalunyaCaixa, and leave Tasting and set sail for Jerez, which will host the Grand Prix of Spain on April 29.
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 5 th ranked Tasting Grand Prix, 18,745 of the first-placed 5 th overall with 11 points:
"I'm satisfied. Physically I felt good throughout the race and also, we ran a good pace even though I could not take advantage of the holes. Now come circuits in which the recoil is not as important and we can take advantage of the slow corners, as in Jerez and Estoril. Continue with the same line of work, and to finish in the top five in the first test is a good result. I want to thank all my team has done a great job. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 10th place in the Grand Tasting Prix, 28,733 of the first-placed 10 th overall with 6 points:
"It was a fun race. Despite having made a mistake at the start, in which I have been delayed, I think we did a good job. We had a good race pace and I fought with highly experienced pilots, so I get a good conclusion and face the next appointment with great enthusiasm. He had a good cornering, which allowed me to get out faster. It was my first race in the World Cup and have been a host of very positive feelings. "
Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:
"We're in the right direction. I want to thank the great team that together we have done and especially the drivers who have made a great career in a very complicated category. Michael has done a great career, maximizing the Losail circuit despite the lack of power has influenced the outcome. Anyway we are very happy with the saddle and sure in Jerez things will be different. As for Alex, congratulations because it was his first race in the world and shown great pace and determination, I am quite sure that will give us many joys. "