Miguel Oliveira, tenth in the Grand Prix of Great Britain

The pilot CatalunyaCaixa again ranked in his debut at Silverstone Rins Alex falls and is sixth overall

Miguel Oliveira finished 10th in the Grand Prix of Great Britain and thus returns to score a second consecutive race. His teammate, Alex Rins, has been dropped when contesting the second round of the sixth round of World Championship Moto3.
On output, Rins and Oliveira have not done a good career start. Both pilots, who departed from the 10 th and 11 th position, have lost a position and in the first lap Rins and Oliveira were 11 ° and 12 °. It was then, on the second lap, when Rins, going from less to more, has been dropped in the ninth circuit Silverstone curve. After an initial medical examination, the pilot suffers a rift in the index finger of his right hand and minor bruises.
Oliveira, in turn, from the 11th place held a great duel with Arthur Sissis Australian rider, who have been exchanged on the 10th and 11th. The Portuguese, with a very strong pace, much like the pilot who led the race, has come to hunt down the lead group, closing a string of 11 pilots. That was when the rear tire of the rider 0'0 Estrella Galicia had enough and despite being able to contact the group head of the race had to settle for tenth place finish.
After today's race, the Portuguese driver adds six more points to your overall computing and remains 11th in the standings. Despite not having scored, Rins is sixth with 44 points.
The next event, the seventh of the season for CatalunyaCaixa pilots will be in two weeks at Assen, "The Cathedral", which will be held the Dutch Grand Prix.
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 10th place in the Grand Prix of Great Britain, 15,613 in the first-placed 11 th overall with 33 points:
"The race was quite difficult. Our goal was to get a good start and win positions in the first round and has been completely the opposite of what we expected, ie, we have lost some position without being able to start the race with very good start. It has generally been a difficult weekend in terms of configuration, we have failed to find a compromise between the fast and the slow part of the circuit with the bike and that has hurt us. Yesterday we lost the opportunity to make a quick turn would have allowed us to start from more advanced positions today. Anyway, we went out with determination and contact with the front group, the middle of the race, I lost my rear tire and did not want to risk more of the account, and I understood that a tenth place in these conditions was not a bad outcome. I hope the next race we can be there before. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, falling, nc, 6 th overall with 44 points:
"It was a shame because in turn nine of the circuit, when we were playing in the second round I played with another rider and went down without doing anything to prevent the fall. We must look forward and recover as soon as possible in order to face the next race in good shape. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"It was a difficult weekend, especially with the weather conditions we had to perform two practice sessions. Michael and Alex have done a good job over the two days without being able to shoot at all comfortable in a circuit to find a good set-up is not easy. The race was a shame that Alex fell off the top of it and that is making a great start to the season. Miguel, who had started from the back, has done a good progression to contact the front group. However, it was then that your tire has had enough and had to settle for tenth place not to risk end. Rins Alex has a crack in the index finger of his right hand and some minor bruising which will not hold that to be fully fit again for the next race "