Marc Márquez conquest Brno

The pilot CatalunyaCaixa is imposed at the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic The Cervera has six wins in 11 races and expands difference in the overall standings with 48 points ahead of the runner

New blow for Marc Márquez authority. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa has consolidated its leadership in the Moto2 World getting his first win in Brno, the 23rd of his career. The sum of Cervera six wins in 11 races, the fourth in the last five Grands Prix, and send in the overall standings with 48 points ahead of the runner.
CatalunyaCaixa rider, who started from the second row in fourth place yesterday after suffering problems with the rear tire, has made a good start, gaining two positions in just two laps. The Cervera, stood behind Tom Lüthi, first, following him and studying him very cleverly throughout the test. A combative Andrea Iannone and Pol Espargaró have come forward to Marc, on lap 8 and 16, respectively, but the pilot CatalunyaCaixa Repsol has regained its position quickly.
Dominador of how and when, Marquez has overtaken Lüthi three laps of the race. Three turns in the pilot CatalunyaCaixa gained pace, getting his best lap on the last lap of the race after a great duel with the Swiss Lüthi. The Cervera has crossed the finish line with 61 thousandths ahead of Swiss runner, and Espargaró 440, third.
A win fruit of hard work he and his team have done throughout the weekend. In the first free practice they had to work hard to improve the set-up of his Suter and yesterday, after taking a step forward and improve in both sessions, suffered some problems in his rear tire. So, and again, a victory of effort and teamwork.
The next challenge will be the pilot CatalunyaCaixa San Marino Grand Prix, to be held at Misano on September 16.
Marc Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, winner of the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic, 41'19 .178, 1st in the overall standings with 213 points:
"Yesterday in practice I found it very comfortable and he knew he was ready for the race and could be ahead, but no one could escape, because we all had a very similar pace. So it has been, because I have seen that today the grip was less comfortable but still rolling, so I've been studying all race Lüthi. The pace has been slower than expected and I was able to prepare the final laps. When was three I gave one hundred percent to get the first and the last lap I plugged all the holes to win. It was a different tactic than usual, but this circuit has been difficult and I wanted to save myself. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"Marc has done a great race because this circuit is very difficult to make a difference, and more, in a category as Moto2. Furthermore, during training Marc has neither easy to find a good set-up with the bike. Unlike Indianapolis, has cost us more in this circuit. He and the team has done a great job and have great confidence that in itself has helped to show great pace that has taken place during the race. Has managed masterfully whole process, leaving the turns pass attacking the beginning and towards the end thereof. I am very happy because, back from vacation and getting back wins is very important and that allows Marc is back in full swing. As Marc says, we can not relax, because this is very long, and most importantly, he still having fun on the bike. "