Márquez second and Rins third in a exciting race

Álex Márquez maintains the lead with 20 points ahead of Jack Miller, winner of the event. Álex Rins continues in the third position in the overall standings, Marquez 41

Exciting and spectacular has been the Moto3 race held today in Phillip Island. The three major players in this intense season-the end of Repsol, Álex Rins and Álex Márquez, along with Jack Miller today have offered a recital at the home race for the Australian.   The test has been developed, as everyone predicted, in a large group in the lead with eleven drivers taking turns leading the pack. Throughout the test there have been numerous advancements, many of them to the limit, in the group head, on reaching the final round has been reduced to nine. With four laps to go, Marquez has been relegated to ninth, but was able to recover positions and played along with Miller and fellow Rins, victory in the last lap. Finally local rider has earned the win, followed by Marquez and Rins. Among the top three, just 32 thousandths.   After this race as 50 points in the game remaining, Marquez still leads, now with 20 income, followed by Miller and Rins, 41 points from his teammate. The next weekend, the Grand Prix of Malaysia will host the penultimate round of the 2014 season.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio Cat 3rd to 0.032 sec. "It has been a very difficult race with lots of overtaking, and I'll take all I've learned.'m Not entirely satisfied with the third place, because I could have chosen more. Knew that the last curve we choked a little, so I tried to hook Miller to pass on the straight but in the end they have happened to me. now we go to Malaysia with virtually no rest and there go for it ".   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio Cat 2nd to 0.029 sec. "Today we got 20 very important points. Was a very difficult race, in which I tried to set my pace from the start, both Rins as today were superior in that aspect. But three laps from the end I had a problem and I've fallen to ninth, but I was unable to trace. I finished satisfied with the strategy I have chosen, perhaps on the last lap I lacked some decision, but I'm happy with the outcome and with the work that has made the equipment. Shall we go to Malaysia with the same mentality, to try to work as we have done here. "