Márquez second and Rins fifht in a exciting race

Good start of the world championship for the two wards of Emilio Alzamora, who have played the victory on the last lap with three other rivals.

The first race of the 2014 Moto3 season has brought many surprises from start to finish. The holder of the pole , Álex Rins , has made a bad start and has made his first lap in tenth place , having come rolling twelve. Teammate Alex Marquez has started better and stood second wheel Miller , both have slipped quickly from the rest of the pack .   While Miller and Marquez escaped , coming to enjoy almost two seconds ahead , they look with Rins Kornfeil Vazquez and Oliveira . Lap by lap the chase group has been narrowing the gap , and on the last lap , Márquez error when leading the race , has led to an internecine struggle for victory. Miller finally been first with second third Marquez and Vazquez . Rins , which has come to be placed second , has been injured in the home straight for the lack of space with his closest rival and crossed the finish line fifth .   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT 5 º to 0.639 sec. "At the start I made a small mistake , because I released the clutch prematurely. Afterwards I tried to push hard during the race to reach the front , waiting to see if they committed a fault . Finally there has been, but I 'm happy to Austin for all the work we've done with Honda and more eager yet. Mostly I have to thank the team and Honda, because the bike was fine. throughout the weekend we had a very good pace and that 's what we were already thinking about Austin . "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT 2nd to 0.233 sec. "Today I've made a rookie mistake , . . Has entered me dead center in a curve over the last lap but I'll take the second place with 20 points we've added that to start the World are fine I think throughout the race I had a very good pace pulling only head. When placed before Jack [ Miller ] , however , we were shooting slower and pilots pursuers approaching , so I've tried to give maximum all returns. is the line that we have to follow and I am very happy with this first race with Honda . "