Huge recover in Germany GP from Páginas Amarillas HP 40 riders

Maverick gets ten places and Salom eighteen in a great race

The two drivers of HP 40 Yellow Pages paths have staged comebacks in the German Grand Prix has been held this morning at the Sachsenring track and achieved a great result in a weekend that had a rough start for both drivers last Friday . Both Maverick and Salom had many problems in the beginning of this GP and failed a tune that would provide them the confidence to go fast on the German track. Salom and Viñales finished second and third in the world championship event of disputed moto3 category last year, but it cost them a lot more this year and have had to work hard to amend the GP with a spectacular career that the two pupils Sito Pons have made this morning. Viñales who started from thirteenth place in the grid has lost two positions on the first lap and fifteenth by passing the finish line after completing the first lap of the scheduled test to a total of twenty-nine. Worse he has gone on for Luis Salom who started from the twenty-fourth position while trying to pass another driver had to go straight losing much time 8 positions regarding pilots who preceded him. At that time, both as Salom Viñales have decided to focus and go slowly tracing. Maverick has managed to go ahead riders lap after lap to move into eighth place in the seventh round, then his partner Salom occupied twenty-fifth position far from the positions for which usually fight, but nevertheless decided not to miss the opportunity to keep adding points on the board. With five laps Viñales fourth slipstream of Rabat and decided to fight for the podium stood, but on the next turn has sparked a fight fight with Italian Simone Corsi has made him lose some distance with Rabat. Meanwhile, Salom had risen to the fifteenth position and was slipstream Axel Pons. On the last lap when trying to overcome Viñales Italian Corsi, was found with a bent that made ​​him lose almost a second and so all options on the podium. Viñales had to settle for a good five while Salom surpassed teammate Axel and got to add two other points to get away fourteenth. MAVERICK 5th VIÑALES "I think we've made ​​a very good career, we traced a lot, I really enjoyed overtaking other riders. I want to thank the team because this weekend we had to work hard and this morning in warm up we found a configuration that allowed us to go faster. " LUIS 14th SALOM "The start of the weekend was not all bad. On Friday we went fairly well but yesterday started to get complicated and the qualifying is over pervert. It was a shame because he sent us to the twenty-fourth on the grid and that in this category is very complicated, even on this track which is very mousetrap. In the beginning of the carrea I made a mistake in turn the end of the line, I tried to pass Lowes, did not have enough space and accidentally I've played, is bent my clutch lever and I've gone straight. Luckily I did not fall and I was unable to continue in the race. Slowly I have been traced and the final position is very good because left far behind, so I think we can be satisfied with the work we've done. "