HP Tuenti Double podium 40 in the Grand Prix of Aragon

Tito Rabat has been second Espargaró third in the Motorland circuit

40 HP Tuenti team has returned to get a double podium in the race which was played this morning at the Motorland circuit . Pol has made a good start nothing off the red light and has been placed in second position, behind him his teammate in the HP Tuenti 40 Tito Rabat was placed third in the championship leader Scott Redding goal through the first lap in sixth. But English that despite the problems it has had in the days of training has never given up, has started to gain positions and started a fight that has helped Nico Terol open a gap with the chase that has been instrumental in this victory got . In the thirteenth round Rabat happened to Redding and started to open a gap to secure second place in the race, while Pol , who was fourth at the time, has had to work very hard to cut the deficit he had with the leader Scott Redding championship has come to be 1.4 seconds. In the absence of 4 laps to pilot the number 40 has been hunted to Redding and then unleashed hostilities. Pol Redding has passed and this will immediately returned overtaking. It was a good fight between the two pilots who finally has chosen the part of Pol , which has risen to third in the cutting drawer and 3 more points leader . TITO RABAT 2nd " I'm very happy with the whole weekend. We have always been in the top positions. I have not done a very good start today . Pol has happened to me and I then started a fight with Pol , Nakagami , Scott . After I have been through and open some space . I had to concentrate again, but then it was too late to try to catch Nico . I'm happy because I've struggled with other pilots and have given their best . Sepang is a track that I really like. There we have to continue in this line of work that I have with the team and continue to give the best. " POL 3rd ESPARGARÓ " This has been a difficult weekend . We had problems on Friday and we had to work hard to give the maximum. We've done a good job and I found a good set-up for the race , maybe not the best but I could fight. It was a tough race because I struggled to get to Scott , and then overtake. Perhaps it was one of the toughest fights I've had and still have gotten just subtract 3 points . So we have to give one hundred percent to Valencia. I wanted to get in front of Scott and out and we succeeded , so you have to go on until the last race . " AXEL PONS 16th " It was not an easy weekend . We had to work hard to get a good tune . Today the bike has performed much better in the race and allowed me to overcome. I'm not happy because I am confident that we can more forward, but I must be satisfied with the work we are doing and go on to finally get the results you think we deserve . "