Great performance by pilots CatalunyaCaixa in Brno

Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira finishes fifth is ninth, coming back from 12 positions in the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic Álex Márquez finished 21st in his debut at the Brno circuit

CatalunyaCaixa pilots have started the second half of the season very positively. For the second consecutive race, the fourth of the season, Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira rate have again today after finishing fifth and ninth, respectively, in the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic after a great performance. Rins, in his first year at the World Cup and his debut in Brno, has fought alongside pilots category leaders to try to get to the podium and Oliveira has staged a dramatic comeback after starting from the 21st position and Finish ninth. In turn, the young Álex Márquez was 21 º.
Both drivers have staged a good start: Rins, who started from the third row in eighth position stood at fourth place in the first few corners and Oliveira, who did so from the 21st position, and was 11th in the first turn. As usual in Moto3, much of the race was declared wet, was raced in platoon. Pilots have begun CatalunyaCaixa career with Maverick Viñales, Sandro Cortese and Luis Salom-three finishers in the World, in a third group that went from the seventh to the 11th.
With the track drying lap after lap, pilots CatalunyaCaixa with dry settings, have been gaining confidence and increasing the pace. Rins has gained positions to reach fourth place eight laps to finish the race. In turn, Oliveira was running in eighth place, fighting with Salom, Viñales and John McPhee, while Cortese Rins rolled along to try to reach Jonas Folger, winner of today's race, and Jakub Kornfeil.
In the final leg of the race, Viñales and Salom are hooked together and Rins Cortese, who has maintained a great duel with Salom for fifth. A dispute that has repeated Kornfeil Czech driver on the final lap, leaving Rins victorious in his debut in Brno Barcelona youngster finished in fifth place, returning to score for the eighth time in his first year at the World Cup. With this result, Rins up to fifth in the standings with 83 points. Oliveira, in turn, finished ninth after trailing 12 positions. The Portuguese has finished in the points for the second consecutive race, the sixth time this season. The Portuguese, with 59 points, and is among the ten best drivers in the World to climb to the 10th position in the overall standings.
The pilot CatalunyaCaixa Álex Márquez, also debuting in Brno, was 21 º, after playing a career in a group with more experienced pilots. The Cervera has risen to 11th place at the start of the race after a good start. A very valuable learning experience for the young Marquez, leader of the Championship of Spain of speed, that on 9 September host the sixth round of the CEV at the Circuito de Albacete.
CatalunyaCaixa Pilots return to action on 14 September, with the running of the first free practice of the San Marino Grand Prix at Misano.
Miguel Oliveira pilot CatalunyaCaixa, 9th ranked Indianapolis Grand Prix, the first 13,909 placed 10th in the overall standings with 59 points:
"The good news is that we have made a good comeback, we went from the 21st position and we finished in the top ten, in ninth place, so it is not bad. The first part of the race was not the most difficult, because the second part was more complicated, could not control the bike and was getting worse every lap. That was due to a small problem with the rear tire. It has not allowed us to complete a good job. This circuit has been difficult for me, we had to fight hard so we must be satisfied and think about the next race. "
Alex Rins pilot CatalunyaCaixa, 5th ranked Indianapolis Grand Prix, the 6490 winner, 5th in the overall standings with 83 points:
"The run-up to the grid have been the most difficult, was a little nervous about the choice of rubber but once the race has started and I've calmed down a bit. I made a good start and with Cortese have begun to pull up to finish fifth, with which I am very happy with the result. I focused with the pilots who went before me and end up staying with them could be very close to the podium. I have to thank my team and my sponsors for the support they give me. "
Álex Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 21st Indianapolis Grand Prix, the first 41,271 placed 20th in the overall standings with 15 points:
"At first I was running pretty comfortable after a good start. We came out with "slicks" and I think it has been successful mid-career but I'm feeling with the bike, the track was very difficult but I preferred not to risk it and finish the race as we know that we are quick dry. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"Again, I am very happy with the career I have done Alex and Michael. Despite the difficulty of representing the asphalt, have made a great performance. Miguel, getting out from behind and finished in the top ten, and Alex, in his first year at the World Cup and in his debut at this circuit, stopping just short of the podium. So I congratulate them, to them and the team, and that throughout the weekend have done a great job. Meanwhile, Alex Marquez has also done a good performance, adding valuable kilometers in the World, very important in their learning. "