First podium for Luis Salom in Moto2

Bittersweet day in the Pons HP 40 with a fantastic race Salom and unfortunate fall of Viñales

Argentina Grand Prix which has been disputed in the circuit of Rio Hondo Spanish hour this afternoon , has brought the first podium for Luis Salom in the Moto2 category . After the red light off , both as Salom Viñales have made ​​a great start . Maverick completed the first lap of the race, scheduled for a total of twenty-three , in third position while his partner in the Pons HP 40 Salom did in the sixth. In the first corner of lap Maverick has gone down, leaving no option to continue . With Viñales out of the race , he placed third Salom to Belgian Xavier Simeon wheel occupying second place. In this position the Spaniard was quite comfortable until it has been surpassed by Corsi in a move somewhat adjusted . The two front runners have opened a gap to Corsi and Salom with Swiss Aegerter pursuit. This race situation and still missing fourteen laps, Salom has concentrated on following the trail of the Italian driver and were going to wait for returns. With four , Salom has surpassed Corsi and standing on third and increased the pace to try to open a gap. In this attempt Luis managed to set the fastest lap and maintain third place to see the checkered flag , earning his first podium in the Moto2 category in the third race of the season.   LUIS 3rd SALOM "I'm very felix with the result that we have achieved. The team has done a great job this weekend. We started very badly, the first day back and was very far from the first , but on Saturday we made some changes to the bike that I have been very good. Something has changed in my mind, and I have finally come to enjoy on the bike during the race today . When I happened Corsi I decided to stay behind him because it was too tight overtaking and wanted by all encimad and finish the race. Finishing in the top six was a great result for me and I could not pass up the opportunity . When three laps I passed Corsi and I concentrated on shooting stops. I want to thank the team that is helping me a lot in my adaptation to Moto2 is a very complicated "category. MAVERICK N.C VIÑALES "I was going as usual without doing anything special I have suddenly seen in the air helplessly to avoid falling . I hate to be so finish this race because I really enjoyed the whole weekend and we had a good pace to fight. Also I crashed very soon with what I have lost a good opportunity to continue learning in this category. Now you have to think about the next race next weekend at home where we will continue working hard as usual . "   CAREER 1. E. Rabat ( Kalex ) 40:06.114 Two . X. Simeon (Suter ) to 2,094 Three . LUIS SALOM ( Pons HP 40) 3,702 April . D. Aegerter (Suter ) 4,868 May . S. Corsi (Forward KLX) to 5,010 MAVERICK N.C VIÑALES ( Pons HP 40 )