erez CX pilots leave with positive feelings

Miguel Oliveira and Alex Marquez complete with flying colors the second training camp

After the first test performed at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo de Cheste (Valencia) last week, Miguel Oliveira and Alex Marquez has continued its process of adaptation in the new category in the Andalusian track and after three intense days of work, have completed their training plan with good nota.l of 716.5 kilometers. The pilot has already accumulated some valuable CatalunyaCaixa 1340.5 miles aboard his new mount. Taking advantage of the sunny and warm day with an ambient temperature of 19 ° C and the asphalt of 34 ° C, Oliveira and Marquez have been out on track after 11 am. The Portuguese has completed 46 laps, equaled the best unofficial time yesterday: 1 minute, 48 seconds and 9/100. During the three days, Oliveira has made a total of 162 laps, with a totaLos CatalunyaCaixa pilots have today concluded the third and final day of practice that have taken place these days at the Jerez circuit. Marquez has returned to complete a remarkable training. The Cervera has returned to step forward and after shooting 56 turns has made a creditable record, unofficial 1 minute, 49 seconds and 6/100, improving his time for a third day. In these three days, the pilot has joined CX 122 laps, 539.6 miles posed. In the last two weeks, the youngest of the Marquez has been a total of 1067.6 km, very important to deal with their season in the Championship of Spain of Speed ​​(CEV) and in turn, prepare tests warranties World that participate as a wild card. The more than 1,256 km completed between both drivers, as well as those made in Cheste, represent a wealth of valuable information for the following test and, above all, for the next season. Also, for the next tests are expected to have new developments on the bikes. Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 46 laps, 1'48 .9:
"We terminated the second practice of the year after three hard days in Jerez where we have done many miles and collected a lot of useful information. We have continued to stress throughout the day, looking for the best with the material we have to moment and we matched the time set yesterday. We are very satisfied, but there is still much work to do. I want to thank again the whole team for all their work these days. I have wanted to arrive the following training and testing new developments that come in the private test. "
Alex Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 56 laps, 1'49 .6:
"I am very happy with the second official practice of the season. I have gone from less to more, and today I felt very comfortable from the start on the bike, I hoped to make time in the end we succeeded. Since the first round this morning and I rode in the fastest time yesterday and that's always very positive feeling. Now I will focus on training that we have programmed in the ESC, so all these miles accumulated with pilots of the World I will go very well for the future. " Emili Alzamora, Team Manager: 
"After six days of testing we went home with much information and a technical team that every day is more adapted to our drivers. Conclusions have been drawn with HRC to study the changes that we will arrive shortly. In the following test will have private Suter chassis that is already completed. We room for improvement in both the chassis and the engine and that is where we must focus our efforts. We are very happy with the performance of both drivers and hope that Alex is Rins reinstated as soon as possible. "