Epic comeback and Marc Marquez victory in Valencia

The pilot CatalunyaCaixa is imposed at the Grand Prix of Valencia last and recover after leaving 32 positions The Cervera, Moto2 World Champion, historic cycling two seasons in the intermediate category

CatalunyaCaixa rider Marc Márquez has starred today most epic victory motorcycling history. The Moto2 World Champion started last, ranking 33rd on the grid and, despite the wet asphalt Ricardo Tormo circuit, has achieved a magnificent victory, dreamed, in the Grand Prix of Valencia. The organization said the wet race, but the lights went out without the presence of rain. Marquez started from the last position on the grid and in the first set, the pilot had managed to overtake CatalunyaCaixa to 20 pilots. His first step finish line as recorded in the eleventh. Already in the second round, was ninth. The track began to dry out when, at 18 laps to go, a few drops fell again to the asphalt again moistened. Marquez continued cutting, fifth, seeing possibilities podium in front of him. The squeezed Cervera, sneaking in a left turn. No lost temple, kept thinking about the podium and regained the lost distance. In just two laps and was third with 13 laps to go. She ground through solo and scored several laps, the only driver capable of lowering the 1'46 barrier. Marc managed to scratch an average of eight tenths back to second placed Nico Terol. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa, shooting a second faster than the head of the race, caught and passed to Terol, winning the provisional silver with an eye on the highest drawer. The first position of Julian Simon danger. The distance of five seconds with seven laps to go seemed salvageable. Without rain, began to form and Marquez lane, marking another lap, 1'46 .440, reduced the barrier of two seconds behind the first. With three laps to go, Simon was already over. At the finish line, the de Cervera was placed first, Simon got 1256 and led the final two laps of the race. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa exceeded the checkered flag first, adding his ninth victory this year and winning his first race of the season at home. Thus, cycling Marquez two historical years in the Moto2 class. With 324 points, the de Cervera has been confirmed as the best champion in the intermediate category, while achieving nine victories, seven poles and 14 podiums. Spectacular figures must be added to the last year, that make Marc in the great ruler of the category: record for victories (16), poles (14), podiums (25) and points (575) . Marc Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, winner of the Grand Prix of Valencia, 48'50 .706: "Today I caught myself because seeing it rained in the warm-up, I hesitated a bit because water costs more advance riders. But once in the race, I made a perfect start and in the first two corners I've spent a lot of riders. Suddenly I have been there, I've had a pretty tough fight with Aegerter, with Rea and with Zarco. When I was able to overtake, I saw that I could go faster, but did not want to make any mistakes. Once I left behind, yes I've done all round the edge. Pilots had were far ahead, but I knew I was third, if he had been in the championship game would have stayed there, but I wanted to see what happened and see if there was luck, so I went to the limit. The race was very good and I am also glad that Simon and Terol have been on the podium, because they have worked hard this season and deserve this podium. " Emili Alzamora, Team Manager: "They are remaining races for history. From the Team Repsol CatalunyaCaixa I could not close this Moto2 project with a career that has made Marc Few words when you are a pilot does a race like today, only to thank all the people who have made possible that this project could be built: sponsors, family, Fan Club, all members of the team who have done a great job and of course, to Marc that over the past two years has made us enjoy as ever. Our project has gone ahead with sponsors who have supported pilots who have left the base, and this is the result of much effort. "