Alex Rins, fourth in the Grand Prix of Spain

The rider stays CatalunyaCaixa to the podium after completing an epic race Alex Marquez ended in 12th position, while Miguel Oliveira suffered a fall while leading the test

CX rider Alex Rins, just 16 years and in his second race, finished in 4 th place Grand Prix of Spain. Rins in a difficult race, with the semi dry asphalt, has been able to recover from a fall when he was fighting for first place with Fenati Romano, winner of the event, and has fought to enter the podium until the last lap. In the end, has been overcome by Luis Salom and Sandro Cortese. In turn, Miguel Oliveira has been dropped without consequence, while leading the race after a great career start. Alex Marquez, who has also fallen, finished in 12th position.
CatalunyaCaixa pilots have staged a good start. Oliveira, who started from third position is already set to lead in the second round, while Rins from the pole, rolled in third. Marquez, who started from the fifth row in 13th position, has staged a great start and was placed seventh.
With the race declared dry and semi dry asphalt, has been a very rough test. With the track very complicated, with some wet areas, Oliveira and Marquez have been dropped in the third turn. The Portuguese were forced to retreat while Alex was back on track in the 22 º position. Rins Oliveira took over from the front of the test, with more than three seconds ahead of his pursuers. Difference has been reduced after a small Rins output. Fenati and Louis Rossi have made and have undergone an electrifying duel. After the fall of Rossi, Fenati Rins and have continued to the front, with a difference of more than 20 seconds with the other riders.
But Spanish has been dropped on lap 12. Been able to return quickly and was able to rejoin the race with Salom and Cortese. Rins have completed the rest of the race with them, vying for second place with a knife between his teeth. Far from wrinkling, Rins fought until the last corner, beating all odds in the race and showing a maturity beyond your age. Only in the last lap, Salom and Cortese have been able to overtake, crossing the finish line in fourth place.
In turn, Marquez, in his World Cup debut, has staged a big comeback and recovered ten positions finishing in 12th position. Thus, the sum of Cervera their first 4 points in the World is in the 17th position in the Championship standings. Rins, in turn, with 19 points, goes up to the 5th position, and Oliveira is eighth with 11 points.
The next meeting of the CX pilots will be next week with the running of the Grand Prix of Portugal at the Estoril circuit.
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, nc, 8 th overall with 11 points:
"It was short. We did three laps and I crashed. He was pretty quiet, but at the first corner there was a puddle near the piano inside, and I stepped on without noticing. In the end, I can be sad at all, since we have shown to be superior in all workouts. Now we have to focus on the next race in Estoril, at home, we attempt to give a lot of trouble. I tried to turn the bike into the track so as not to endanger any other driver, but after trying again to hang up, the commissioners not let me continue. It's been what's happened is sad, but we must not think much about it. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 4th in the Grand Prix of Spain, 37,061 in the first-placed 5 th overall with 19 points:
"The race was very moved, because curves Peluqui Nieto and the track was very wet and in almost every lap I had a shock. I made a good start, I have placed first and I've been pulling. Until I went off track and I have reached [Roman] Fenati. Then I made a small mistake, which was when I had the misfortune to fall. I kept fighting, I have not thrown in the towel because I knew I had to be there and beat the end I finished fourth, I finished fourth, which is fine. When I've been pulling ahead, had a very good pace. But when I had the scare I've calmed down a bit, and after the fall of the levers were not in good condition. If you had not fallen, would have made a great result. "
Alex Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 12 th in the Grand Prix of Spain, 17 th overall with 4 points:
"It was a very difficult race. After the fall I've had, I could get back on track and slowly I have been going up because I was comfortable on the bike despite the conditions that we had to run. In the end I finished 12, I did not expect to take points as after the fall I've fallen to number 22. So I'm glad I finished the race in this position and I am very excited for the next. "
Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:
"I am very satisfied with the work we have done. The balance is very positive as all three drivers were very fast in practice. Miguel Oliveira has shown again that it is a pilot with a great talent, who has led the practice sessions on Friday and Saturday despite failing to finish the race due to a fall. Alex Rins, in his second career World Cup has shown great determination, since today was a very difficult race. He had a great race and a fourth place before their hobby is a great result. Meanwhile, Alex Marquez has also done a very good performance. His fall in the early laps relegated him to the 22 th position and despite this, managed to preserve the concentration and began a spectacular comeback. I am very pleased with the outcome. "