Àlex Márquez and Honda have graduated

The Repsol rider achieved his second victory in the World, first to handle the new Honda. Rins abandoned in the fourth turn for Herrera technical problem and falls in the second round

Álex Márquez final victory in the Grand Prix of Catalunya, after escaping alone from the same output and put it towards the second win of his career in the Moto3 World Championship. And, important first win for Honda in the new Moto3 NSF250RW. His fellow box, Álex Rins and Maria Herrera, has been less fortunate today. The first was removed in the fourth round by a technical problem while young Toledo has finished out of the race by touching an opponent in the second turn.   Taking advantage of the excellent standard shown in training, Álex Márquez has managed to outrun the rest of the field from the first lap, extending their lead every lap to an important home victory, which places him fifth World with 85 points - 32 Leader, Jack Miller. His teammate, Alex Rins, has gathered all his strength to get going again after the injury yesterday, but fortune has turned his back on the fourth turn, by a problem with the gear shift of his Honda. Nor has completed testing María Herrera, who in his comeback attempt was dropped when rolling twenty-second and tried to overtake another driver, who hit on the second lap.   The eighth round of the World will be in two weeks at the historic circuit of Assen, where once again the race will be held on Saturday, the 28th of June.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio Cat Retired "It was a difficult day. During the warm-up was out track without infiltrate and had enough pain, so for the race we decided that he would infiltrate and I felt very well while filming. But today we had a failure, and I say we because we are a team. were also all of us when I we fell in the Japanese Grand Prix last season. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio Cat 1 - 41:11.656 "I'm happy because it was a great weekend We knew we were a little behind in the general, but we were reassured that we had improved the bike in testing Mugello Since yesterday I got my first pole,.. Was very special for having achieved in this Grand Prix in front of the fans. Today knew it would be a difficult race, so I wanted to do well to gain some advantage and I succeeded. Already in the first round I got a second and a half the group back, I followed by rolling to maximum and as the race progressed everything was easier, because I've been very focused throughout time. because I made a very good career and I'm very motivated for the next appointment, the GP of the Netherlands. "   Maria Herrera >> Audio Fall "I started pretty well and I was able to overtake two rows. I've gotten in the second group and I tried to push. But in a curve, a rival has given me in the back of my bike and I was taken off line. On the next lap he was recovering positions and trying to rush braking to overtake another driver, it has been slammed and I could not avoid contact. This weekend we worked hard, I better know the bike and have lowered my times, so although we have not completed as expected, I'll take that. "