Álex Márquez his first victory and Alex Rins not score

Rins, despite falling four laps from the end, is held to 5 points behind Salom, which has also gone down. The Moto3 title will be decided in Valencia in two weeks

Alex Marquez finally joined his first victory and has done in the best possible time to the interests of his teammate , Alex Rins . The Barcelona , which reached 5 points off the lead , has been dropped to four laps to go when he had it all in the face to take the lead in the overall standings after the incident at the start of the race leader's Salom .   When starting the race, have quickly set over three drivers fighting for the title alongside Alex Marquez . It seemed they were going to escape, when the unthinkable happened : Isaac Viñales cast entered under braking and was swept away Salom , who thus added a 0 in the box . That put the race in Rins tray that only 5 points Salom , had a superb option to take the lead in the overall standings. He, his teammate and Viñales have escaped from the rest of the field , willing to risk their victory.   With four laps to go , Rins has suffered a fall whilst running third behind Viñales and Marquez . The victory would be a thing of the two pilots. And in the final hand , on the last lap , Viñales made ​​a mistake under braking that Marquez has taken advantage to win his first World Cup victory .   After this race , Salom remains first with 300 points, Viñales second with 298 , and third Rins with 295 , when remain in play 25 points of Valencia.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 24 º to 1:06.878 . "Today did not go as expected. 've Seen that Salom has been dropped on the first lap and I was third , shooting a fair bit . At the entrance to the finish I lost traction on the rear wheel without warning and I went to ground. has been a shame not to take advantage of the situation and hope to do better race in Valencia. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 1st - 39:45.953 . "It was a very strange weekend and the race also has been. Maximum I rode every lap , every corner I was on the limit , and in the end we have been fighting for victory Maverick [ Viñales ] and I , and we had a nice fight . I've taken a little thorn from other races he did not fight with them until the end of career and today I was able to do it and win, so I'm very happy . arrive one hundred percent motivated to Valencia " .