Windshield Naked New Generation for the new Kawasaki Z650 and Z900 2020

The Puig Naked New Generation Sport and Touring windshields update their design before the arrival of the latest generation of the successful Kawasaki Z650 and Z900.

Kawasaki's Z family remains the best benchmark for young and not so young riders on larger displacement motorcycles. Their quality-price balance makes them one of the most successful ranges on the market, a choice that carries over to our roads and the longevity of their range. The new Kawasaki Z650 and Z900 had to be updated to comply with the new European emissions regulations, an adaptation that they have taken advantage of to introduce improvements in the technological aspect. Component manufacturer Puig is ahead of the buyer's needs with the launch of the new Naked New Generation windshields, available in Sport and Touring versions.


Soon we will see the first units of the Z650 and Z900 connecting road turns sections or parked in front of a typical biker restaurant. The accessories mounted on these bikes should match their strong personality, emphasizing the unique character of the Kawasaki design. The new Naked New Generation Sport and Naked New Generation Touring windshields match the aerodynamics of these models, taking away wind gusts from the riders's body. In addition, their screens offer the necessary protection against possible impacts and inclement weather that may happen during the ride.


The Naked New Generation windshields are made of 3mm thick PMMA acrylic. This highly resistant material has been molded according to the results obtained in the virtual wind tunnel, so its installation will not harm the motorcycle’s handling. Its size is 330mm high by 230mm wide in the case of the Sport model and it is 425x300mm for the Touring model.


These differences directly affect positively the ride comfort of the rider and the final aesthetics of the motorcycle. In addition, the acrylic screen can be purchased in the color that best suits the model. Naked New Generation Touring windshields are available in: smoked, dark smoked, clear, black and green. For the Sport, the Z650 and Z900, the carbon-like finish is included while the red is exclusive to the Z900.


The buyer himself can install the Naked New Generation windshields. The package includes an instructions manual with images that are easy to follow and very intuitive.