Puig scooter levers

Puig launches a new model of brake levers, ideal to emphasize the minimalist and avant-garde character of current scooters.

Cities like Barcelona are witnessing the unstoppable rise of scooters, the most successful motorcycle segment in Spain and with a wide range available to the most urban motorists. Nor is it surprising that this customer, used to showing his personality with his fashion or his plans, wants to take the aesthetics of his machine to another level. For them, Puig has developed new brake levers with a minimalist and sophisticated design.


The piece, which has been milled from an aluminum block, ends up being anodized in a black or silver tone to better fit with current models on the market. However, the aesthetic section is not more important than safety for Puig Hi-Tech parts. For this reason, the developers of the new brake levers have incorporated a regulation and adjustment system. Through a small wheel, located in the area of the anchor, it is possible to modify the distance at which the fist lever remains in its maximum extension.


This detail, which may seem superficial, is key for people with small hands. By not having to take your hands off the grips, you improve the feel of two-finger braking and allow you to always keep them on the lever, a key defensive driving position for the city.


The new Puig scooter lever incorporates the necessary hardware for mounting on any compatible motorcycle. The piece is delivered with detailed instructions for its assembly, so it will not be necessary to have previous knowledge of mechanics or specific tools for it.