Puig presents its new big box installation kit

The manufacturer of Granollers thus provides a solution for the transportation of packages / food by motorcycle

Puig continues in the line of guaranteeing a safe and reliable transport of goods by motorcycle. After creating the range of Puig big boxes (Maxi Box, Mega Box and Big Box), Puig incorporates the specific installation kit for certain models that allows you to quickly and easily mount the boxes on your scooter.


It is a metal base and accessories that allow it to be attached to the original rack of the vehicle. The trunk will be fixed with screws to the base, ensuring the union of the assembly and providing a horizontal and level position for the transportation of food.


REF. 20572N | HONDA PCX 125 2021

REF. 20573N | HONDA VISION 110 2021

REF. 20580N | SYM SYMPHONY SR 50 2021