Puig launches the new Rally semifairing

The Catalan manufacturer reaffirms its commitment to off-road motorcycles, an upward trend among motorcyclists.

The rise of off-road motorcycles is a fact. More and more motorists are choosing this vehicle segment that combines mobility for day-to-day life and adventure on your days off.


This claim has not fallen on deaf ears and Puig has reaffirmed its commitment to this trend with the design of the new Rally semi-fairing. The new semi-fairing will allow you to enhance the “Dakarian” style of your vehicle, providing a great aerodynamic improvement to the motorcycle thanks to its large clear transparent screen, which allows great visibility on the road and deflects the air blasts, protecting the rider as much as possible. to the vehicle itself.


In addition, it has two long-distance adjustable LED headlights that will substantially improve the perception of the driving environment, providing excellent lighting.


The design and manufacture of the new Rally semi-fairing is entirely made in Barcelona and is made of 3mm polycarbonate, a highly impact-resistant material with great resistance to splashes. A fact that will guarantee the best protection and adherence to your motorcycle thanks to its "rally" character, enhancing the motorcycle's adventurous aesthetic line.


The adaptation of navigation equipment will not be a problem, since Puig has designed the piece taking into account the integration of these for your off-routes and that they are fully protected against any impact or splash.


Puig's new Rally semi-fairing is available for Husqvarna TE/FE enduro (ref. 20548) and KTM EXC enduro models (ref. 20507).


Reinforce the off-road character of your motorcycle and go on an adventure with the new semi-fairing Puig Rally.