Puig kickstand extension

With the extension for the kickstand, developed by Puig Hi-Tech Parts, it improves the stability of the motorcycle while it is parked.

Lovers of two wheels treat their machines with respect and care, even when they are parked. The manufacturer of motorcycle components Puig wants to be by the side of these owners at all times. For this reason, in its catalog you can find pieces such as the extension for the Puig kickstand.


This item has been designed to prevent possible falls while the motorcycle is parked and leaning on the leg. The piece contains a wide base, machined from an aluminum block with a reduced weight (between 110 and 160 grams). The later anodizing improves its resistance, key in a component that constantly suffers bumps and scratches.


It is already available for some models such as Kawasaki Z900 (ref. 20198N), Yamaha MT-07 2020 (ref. 20183N) or Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin 2020 (ref. 20281N) among others.