Puig F1.1 and GT.1 rear-view mirrors: sports essence

After the success of Puig's sport mirrors, the manufacturer launches its evolution: the F1.1 and GT.1. They allow a greater range of movements thanks to the ball and socket ball joint.

Our bike talks about us, about our character and personality. Puig accessories allow personalization to be unleashed, prioritizing material quality and safety without forgetting its great looks. The brand's catalog is full of accesories that achieve a sporty and radical look, among which are the F1 and GT mirrors.


These accesories, designed under the parameters of excellence and reliability of Hi-Tech Parts, have been very well received by the most detailed bikers. For this reason, the manufacturer launches its next evolution: the F1.1 and GT.1 mirrors.


The new generation of sports mirrors offer a more integrated and compact design. This part is machined from an aluminium billet block and later anodized, following the production standards established for the entire Puig Hi-Tech Parts range. A system that prioritizes durability and reduces the cost of maintaining your parts.


All of this without forgetting the safety of the rider, a fundamental pillar when developing new products. For this reason, these rear-view mirrors incorporate an anti-glare glass that ensures perfect visibility. In the case of the F1.1 model, its measurements are: 124x55 millimeters. The GT.1 rearview mirror has a little more surface with: 125x85 millimeters of glass. In addition, the ball and socket joint system allows greater regulation compared to the previous model, both in height and inclination.


Both mirrors are available in two finishes: black or anodized aluminum. If you want to go one step further, you can combine both finishes by modifying the color of the 135 mm bar or the casing.


Like the vast majority of Puig Hi-Tech Parts products, it can be installed simply and quickly on the rod or on the barend weight itself. Some motorcycle models will require adapters that come in a package.


If they must be mounted on the motorcycle fairing, it is necessary to order the appropriate adapters for your bike. Don't worry, in the Puig catalog you will find the part you need.