Puig cases: find the right one for you

Puig's wide range of cases and thermal bags offer you the ideal cargo space for your motorcycle needs. Cases with up to 100 liters capacity.

Motorcycles have become another vehicle option for professionals to use through our streets. In recent years we have witnessed the increase in home service and the appearance of applications such as Glovo, in charge of delivering any product to the user's door. The increase in e-commerce and digital commerce has placed motorcycles as an agile and versatile alternative, more competitive among urban traffic. Puig cases offer the necessary load and protection for this type of service, including thermal and isothermal bags.


Whichever function you intend to give your motorcycle or motorcycle fleet, the wide range of Puig cases and bags will meet the requirements. Its production complies with the quality standards of the component manufacturer, prioritizing its functionality and resistance. They have been made of polypropylene, a light material, but highly resistant to impacts and capable of preserving the thermal qualities of the stored product.


The Big Box case is available in two different sizes, 60 and 90 liters and three colors finish: black, red or white. Its opening is higher, it includes a key lock and if necessary, you can find spare parts in the catalog. The Maxi Box option is the intermediate size with a weight of 3.6 kilograms and 90 liters of capacity. It can also be chosen in three colors (black, red or white), with a side opening and two closure models: handle or key lock. It can be purchased with straps that are attached to the motorcycle or if you prefer, you can add the metal base (optional). Its installation can be carried out without having mechanical knowledge thanks to the instructions. The Mega Box reaches 100 liters of capacity and is also offered in red, black or white. It has a total size of 400mm x 560mm x 580mm, its opening can be from top or lateral (depending on its placement) and it is offered with a lock (key) or handle.


Food transport involves superior care of the product. The material used to make the Puig thermal bag keeps the temperature of the package stable, even preventing the freezing chain from breaking. Its measurements are 450mm x 450mm x 240mm, it has a total capacity of 48.60 liters and can be inserted in Big Box and Maxi Box cases. The insulated bag is somewhat smaller, but will achieve the same effect, keeping it cold and warm. If you add a frozen product, it can last up to 3 hours and is compatible with BIG BOX, MAXI BOX and MEGA BOX casess. They are both red.