New windshield Puig TX for scooter

The specialist in protections and accessories for motorcycles incorporates into his catalog a windshield for the protection of the most urban drivers.

Puig has expanded its catalog with the new TX windshield, developed specifically for scooters. It is a screen-printed transparent protection, and it is characterized by its stylized design, with lateral flaps air deflectors and a curvature in the upper part that improves the protection

The screen is made of high-strength plastic material, with a thickness of 4 mm, which offers optimal protection to the driver from the inclement weather of receiving the impact of gravel or other objects of the road.

The windshield is supplied with all the necessary hardware for its correct installation on the scooter. Among the available material, it has nylon washers and self-locking nuts that allow the rotational rotation of the mirror without loss of grip. In this way, when the rear-view mirror receives an impact, it rotates the whole assembly without losing the self-braking, so that the driver can return it to the initial position in situ, without tools and without losing the turning tension with which it was regulated.

Puig plans to manufacture the TX model depending on the future models that the brands are launching in the market.