New Tower sequential turn signal

Puig launches the new Tower sequential turn signal, with cutting-edge LED technology and a design in line with the latest launches in the two-wheel market.

Puig Hi-Tech Parts is characterized by democratizing the technology. From their laboratories and test benches they try to create specific products for the most diverse bikers. Their latest release, the sequential turn signal Tower, is a great example. Thanks to the use of LED modules, it not only improves the quality of the light beam, it also achieves a modern glazed arrow-like aesthetic. In addition, the progressive running reminds to the movies of the future and mimics the latest trend in the automotive world.


The piece is made up of a clear lampshade, which reveals the modules with LED technology even when they are not in operation. Its shape, which imitates the arrows of archers, is ideal for the light to pass through from the interior to the rear, wider and with a pointed end. Thus, the passenger behind the motorcycle can easily sense where the rider is going. So, in addition to having the latest in terms of customization, both for cars and for the two wheels, it also improves safety while driving.