New Puig risers

Improve your riding position with the new generation of 20 or 30-millimeter motorcycle risers for handlebars of 22, 29 and 32 mm in diameter.

Modifying some aspects of the motorcycle brings notable improvements regarding comfort, safety and ergonomics. Finding the perfect position is not easy, even less if we settle for the stock dimensions, which may not fit well with our size or needs. Designed by the Hi-Tech Parts quality standards, the Puig risers will improve the riding experience thanks to the adjustment of the handlebar height.


The risers have been machined from a billet aluminium block and the subsequent anodizing can be done in black or silver. This way, adding this part to the bike will not mean breaking with the factory design.


Puig risers are available in two heights: 20 or 30 millimeters. Both can be attached to handlebars of 22, 29 and 32 mm in diameter, but the highest one (30 mm) may require modification of the original wiring. Its installation is easy and intuitive thanks to the instructions included in the package.