New Puig products specifically for Custom motorcycles

The Opie frame slider and the Anarchy, Dark Night and Batwing SML semifairings have been added to the Puig catalogue.

Puig includes in its catalog a series of accessories designed specifically for Custom style motorcycles. For this reason, it has been taken into account that they fit perfectly with the aesthetics of this type of motorcycle, maintaining, as always, the quality and functionality characteristic of the Catalan brand. To start, there is a frame slider and three models of semifairings available.


With the installation of the Opie frame slider, damage is reduced in the event of a fall without having to give up the vintage aesthetics of this type of motorcycle.


They are made of high-strength aluminum prepared to absorb the forces caused by an impact in the event of a fall. While its nylon coating, highly resistant to abrasion, will prevent major damage, both mechanical and aesthetic, in the event that the motorcycle slides on the asphalt.


For custom users looking for greater aerodynamic protection but without affecting the aesthetics of their motorcycle, there are three semi-fairing models available.


The Anarchy model stands out for its compact sporty design, it is made of materials with high impact resistance. Measuring 47cm high by 27cm wide, it offers protection while enhancing a custom design for the bike.


For those looking for more protection, there is the option of the Dark Night semi-fairing. It has a glossy or matte black finish combined with the screen in smoke or dark smoke. Its measurements of 47cm high by 46cm wide will offer high protection against inclement weather such as rain and wind.


The Batwing SML model is made up of a black plastic shell and a PMMA material screen available in smoked and clear and that can be placed at two different heights depending on the model: Sport or Touring.


The three half-fairing models are available for the most popular custom models on the market and are delivered with a mounting kit and all the necessary hardware for quick and easy installation.