New Naked Downforce spoilers | Ref. 20381

Puig launches the new Downforce spoilers for naked models. Thanks to them, the bike will look more radical and will improve both its cornering and aerodynamics.

The spoilers on motorcycles are nothing new, we have been seeing their introduction in MotoGP and WorlsSBK racing for a few seasons. However, and as usual, the firms adopt the knowledge of the competition for their street models. This process of innovation and research is the same one followed at Puig, the company specializing in products and accessories for production motorcycles. It was not surprising that the first novelties with built-in ailerons appeared soon, such as the Yamaha MT-07. Puig's objective is to democratize these solutions, for those who cannot afford this economic jump or who do not want motorcycles of such displacement. For this reason, they have designed specific spoilers for the segment of success: the naked ones.


The Naked Downforce spoilers have been developed from the experience of the Puig Hi-Tech Parts team as a collaborator of the two main categories of the competition. Their previous knowledge has helped them to create a piece of racing aesthetics and downforce effect, necessary for those who want to enter the circuit and drive at high speeds.


Thanks to the mounting of these spoilers, the motorcycle suffers an increase in vertical and downward aerodynamic load. That translates into greater poise and ground grip at significant speeds, reducing the chances of losing control over the front axle. By applying this force on the front wheel, the grip of the tire improves and the appearance of the shimmie and wheelie effect is avoided, which can appear in aggressive accelerations and put the integrity of the rider at risk. But it is not only an aid in a straight line, it also improves cornering by fixing the bike to the asphalt. The design of this piece has been tested in virtual wind tunnel tests, repeatedly and throughout the development process.


On road bikes, functionality and aesthetics must go hand to hand. For this reason, Puig has developed this piece following the steps used for competition units. Of course, applying the most avant-garde technological advances to give them a sporty character and in line with the naked bikes available on the market. Bringing the latest racing novelties to the street means offering a plus of personalization, something that is achieved thanks to the wide range of colors available in the catalog.


Having the latest MotoGP and WorldSBK technology is possible thanks to Puig Hi-Tech Parts that, not only improves the aesthetics of your naked, but also makes it safer and more dynamic.