New mirror caps

Regular circuit riders will be able to cover the absence of mirrors without affecting the final aesthetics of their motorcycle thanks to the new mirror caps from Puig.

The track is the ideal environment to learn and improve on a motorcycle. Many two-wheel riders spend much of their days between paddocks, enjoying their passion more safely. Regulars to Spanish tracks choose to remove the mirrors, whether they use their street unit or a specific motorcycle for the circuit. For those motorists, Puig has developed a new range of mirror caps, ideal for maintaining the aerodynamics and sporty aesthetics of the machine between turns.


Each brand has its own mounting system for the mirrors on the fairing, with different shapes and sizes. For this reason, Puig Hi-Tech Parts is in the process of creation, prioritizing parts for the most successful motorcycles on the market. A decorative elements that are made from a block of aluminum, with the rear anodized in black. In this way it will be easier to combine it with all kinds of sport models and its durability will be greater, improving resistance to inclement weather.


Its assembly takes less than ten minutes and it is not necessary the help of a mechanic to do it. Thanks to the instructions and screws included in the package, the user himself will be able to adapt them to the fairing of his/her engine.


Currently, the Puig catalog has designs adapted to some Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki models, to which other brands will be added.