New adjustable footpeg system

Compatible for all Puig footpegs

If you are looking to modify the position of the footpegs of your motorcycle, both rider and passenger, you can do so thanks to the new adjustable footpeg Puig system. If you are one of those who wants a more sport driving position or the placement of the series model seems uncomfortable, you can adapt the footpeg to your liking in a matter of minutes.


In order to have our adjustable footpegs installed, you must purchase the adjustable footpeg adaptor together with the displacer. We have two measures according to the desired degree of displacement: 20mm and 40mm. The 20mm shifter has been designed for both driver and passenger while the 40mm shifter focuses on the position of the passenger. Both displacers are universal and the adjustable footpeg adaptor is motorcycle model specific.


Once the adaptor and the displacer are installed, the system allows the footrest to be adjusted 360 degrees, in 15-degree inclination intervals, both up and down.