Accessories manufacturer Puig opens a new section “Do it yourself”. In this section you will find a great variety of parts from their catalog, but without the metal hardware-supports for their instalation.

The preparation and customization of a motorcycle can be limited to small aesthetic changes or the complete transformation of the unit. For those passionate about handmade machines and the most daring restoration, Puig launches a new section “Do it yourself”. In it you can find some of the pieces and products in your catalog, but loose that is, without the usual hardware. This way, the buyer will be able to install the desired part to his liking and with his own metal supports.


This was a common request among café-racer customers to the motorcycle component manufacturer. The most creative customizers requested the part, but did not need the assembly kit, instructions and hardware that usually accompany Puig products. The most daring projects usually do not fit in with the general sizes and universal spare parts, which is why only the final part is offered.


With the “Do it yourself” section, the firm aims to unleash the imagination of café-racer builders, offering them a range of parts that range from semi-fairings to fenders, through the metal side covers and neo-front plates. Available at this link: