Clutch lever protector

Protect the clutch of your motorcycle with the Puig protector

With the Puig Hi-Tech Parts clutch protector you can avoid any accidental contact and improve the racing aesthetics of your motorcycle. This piece, which derives from the experience of the firm in MotoGP and WorldSBK, is already available in the catalog and its website together with the brake protector.


Competition is the greatest test bed for motorcycle manufacturers. Whether on circuits around the world or the toughest off-road events, each category offers an ocean of knowledge and experience. This is the environment chosen by Puig Hi-Tech parts to develop its most innovative products, such as the clutch protectors available in its catalog. This piece, which derives directly from his collaboration with the best MotoGP and WorldSBK teams, is the best example of that essential relationship between racing and the road.


This component, which was born out of the need to protect an element as important as the clutch lever, can now bring the ultimate racing touch to any production model. With its assembly not only improves the aesthetic aspect, it also avoids a possible accidental contact that activates said mechanism and could endanger the rider and his passenger.


Puig has made some modifications to adapt this piece to day-to-day needs, starting with its bidirectional adjustment system (longitudinal and perpendicular) of the protector with respect to the cuff. This detail allows a greater range of regulation without affecting its final resistance. Something that already happens in the brake lever protector, also available in the catalog and that is vital to improve the safety section of your motorcycle as has been demonstrated in the MotoGP Grand Prix.


Its manufacture is made from a machined block of high-performance aluminum, with subsequent anodizing to improve its protection and final finish.


A process that improves the durability of the protector and allows greater customization of the motorcycle with different shades: black, blue, red, orange, green, silver and gold.


The universal version of the protector allows mounting on handlebars with an inner diameter of 13 to 18 millimeters, without the need to purchase a separate adapter. If you need such an adapter, it can be found in the catalog and on the website.