Adhesive kit for BMW cases: Protection and styling for the BMW GS

Available for Adventure and Vario models, they offer additional protection against scratches and are anti-UV.

The BMW GS is the adventure motorcycle par excellence for lovers of long trips on two wheels. Equipped with travel suitcases, the German motorcycles are prepared to face the toughest and most demanding conditions. However, the metal side cases are, due to their volume and location, one of the most exposed parts of the motorcycle.


The new Puig adhesives, designed in Barcelona specifically to adapt to their shapes, offer extra protection to the outer covers of the suitcases thanks to their durable graphics. They are resistant to impacts, scratches and also to sunlight. In addition, their installation is very easy since they adhere to the cases thanks to its textured surface, allowing it to be repositioned if desired.


The kit for the BMW GS suitcases (Top Case and two sides of the Vario and Adventure models in GS and Navigator versions) also enhances the adventurous image of the motorcycle by showing timeless designs - there is a wide assortment for each model - with the emblematic colors of the Bavarian signature and combinations of red and blue on a black and gray background.


The BMW GS family is one of the largest in the market, which is why you can adapt these luggage stickers to all these models: BMW F750G, BMW F850GS, BMW F85GS ADVENTURE, BMW F800G, BMW R1200GS, BMW R1200GS ADVENTURE, BMW R1250GS ADVENTURE and BMW R1250GS.