Adhesive foam seat

Adhesive foam seat

Puig adhesive foam seat is the accessory by which the personalization of the supersport and competition bikes starts.
The user of a high performance road bike requires that each and every one of its components offer maximum precision and reliability. With this foam base, the rider has a high quality support on the seat that provides the comfort and the necessary support on straightaways, while facilitating the sliding of the body on inclinations, especially in the transitions from curve to faster curve.
Made with high quality foam and with a high strength adhesive, it supports the most demanding use. It is available in black and in two sizes: short model (314x312x20mm) and long model (344x312x20mm).
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Adhesive foam seat For Universal


Short adhesive foam set - AxBxC (314 x 312 x 20 mm.)


Long adhesive foam set - AxBxC (344 x 312 x 20 mm.)


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