Windshield New Generation Sport
Windshield New Generation Sport
Windshield New Generation Sport
Windshield New Generation Sport
Windshield New Generation Sport

Windshield New Generation Sport for motorcycle MV Agusta BRUTALE 1000RR 2022

Renew the image of your bike with the New Generation Sport from Puig. Manufactured in 3mm methacrylate, material that guarantees high resistance to possible impacts and provides a great aerodynamic capacity, being insurmountable against the wind.

The product has been tested in the wind tunnel, achieving the best results, therefore, Puig provides this study with the majority of the pieces.
Puig has taken into account the diversity of this style of motorcycle and has a model for each of the most current motorcycles. In addition, for the piece to perfectly adapt to the aesthetic line of the motorcycle, Puig has available a wide variety of colors of carenabris to choose.

The assembly of the piece is an easy task and fits perfectly to the machine. To facilitate the assembly, Puig serves together with the fairing instructions for coupling.

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Product’s information

The new NG Sport screen by Puig for the MV AGUSTA BRUTALE 1000RR has been created in order to improve the riding experience, providing greater aerodynamic capacity to the motorcycle, but respecting and enhancing the aggressiveness of this sport model.

Its particular "V" design channels the air, diverting it to the sides, preventing it from hitting the rider's sensitive areas. In addition, the piece is finished with a matt black silkscreen that combines perfectly with the available finishes of the dome: smoked, dark smoked, clear, black or red.

Designed and manufactured entirely in Barcelona under the most cutting-edge technology, the new NG Sport windshield from Puig is made of high-end 3mm thick high-impact acrylic material, with a rounded finish to comply with the strictest safety regulations of the EU.

The overall measurements of the windscreen are 230mm wide, 330mm high and 3mm thick, with a distance from the watches of + 150mm.

The task of assembling the new windscreen is a simple and fast task (15 min.), Achievable without the need for specific mechanical knowledge thanks to the precise instructions provided with the piece. Also available in online format.

Along with the piece, Puig provides a complete and intuitive instruction booklet and a comparative study with the improvements that the new windscreen implies.

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Windshield New Generation Sport For MV Agusta BRUTALE 1000RR 2022


150 mm. higher than the original
Thickness: 3 mm

Before and after

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TEST Ref. 20680

STUDY Ref. 20680


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