M.E.M. (Manual Elevation Mechanism)
M.E.M. (Manual Elevation Mechanism)

M.E.M. (Manual Elevation Mechanism) for motorcycle KTM 790 ADVENTURE 2021

Improves the performance of your motorcycle and provides an aerodynamic protection adaptable to each moment and situation of your driving thanks to the manual elevation mechanism for your screen (M.E.M.).

It is a compact mechanism that allows you to modify the position of the screen of your motorcycle without tools to adapt itself to the different situations that the route demands. You can raise and increase the aerodinamic protection on fast roads or adverse weather conditions, and you can also decrease it in the city or when driving offroad for a wide field view without interference, or for a sport look.

You can use the mechanism and place the screen in the position you want with a quick and easy twist on the fixings, and fix it again with just your hands, without the need of tools. The mechanism works for your OEM screen or for Puig screens for your motorcycle.

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona with the most care to detail to offer you an exclusive product that completes your motorcycle and provides the best features, its supports are resistant as well as light and discreet.

It is delivered with detailed step-by-step instructions, so you can install the product quickly and easily without the need for mechanical knowledge.

Product’s information

The M.E.M. o Manual Lifting Mechanism is a gear that allows you to adjust the position of the screen to your liking without having to stop. This piece, ideal for the most adventurous models on our market, can now be mounted on your KTM 790 to improve aerodynamic protection depending on the needs of the road.

The M.E.M. allows you to play with a range of 120 millimeters of course, fixing the screen at the exact point you prefer with a single click. It is a manual process that you can carry out on the bike with one hand thanks to small tabs designed to make your life easier. Thanks to the wide range of placement you will be able to increase the protection of the wind and reduce its impact on the torso and arms on long routes with higher speed. In a matter of seconds you can lower it to a lower position and you can prepare for an off-road or cornering section.

The design of the M.E.M. makes it, combined with the OEM Touring windshield, adapt itself depending on the route. This means, that if you leave the system unlocked (the tabs not fixed) the screen will go up as the speed is higher and in the opposite direction, it will go down in case of reducing the speedometer number as you can see in the video.

This Manual Lifting Mechanism has been developed with the best materials and avant-garde technologies available at Puig Hi-Tech Parts. The piece is made of 2mm thick iron, a highly resistant material that does not affect the final weight of the motorcycle. Its supports run by rods that, like the rest of the M.E.M., has been finished in black anti-corrosion and anti-wear paint.

The operating levers, or tabs, due to their small size, can be operated with just one hand. They are responsible for unlocking the mechanism and sliding it through the rods in a range of 120mm to the desired position, at which point we will turn them again and fix the M.E.M. hearing a click. The total measurements of the mechanism are 235mm wide by 185mm high and 80mm deep.

Its assembly does not require mechanical knowledge and, following the step-by-step instructions that are included in the package, you can do it in less than 15 minutes. This part is compatible with the KTM 790 Adventure and 790 Adventure R, with the OEM screen or the Puig Touring screen.

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